Nicolas Kepper

Applied Data Science

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Nicolas Kepper

With a background in business, computer science and data science, Nicolas manages external connections and is Divirad's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist.

Felix Lösing


Technical University Darmstadt

Felix Lösing

Through his experience as a developer at the Frauenhofer Institute, Felix has gained a lot of experience. Due to his specialization in IT security, he is Divirad's internal IT security specialist.

Max Schmitt


University of Applied Science Darmstadt

Max Schmitt

Max is a software developer and nerd at heart. Having managed several OpenSource projects he is Divirad Internal Licensing and Project Management Specialist. As a musician, he is also head of the Divirad-Records network and studio.


We will develop your idea and change the world together!

Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C, C++, C#, MySQL, NoSQL

Every language, technology and tool has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is important for us to find a perfect fitting solution for you.

Agile Software Development

Modern software development can no longer manage without Agile processes. With methods like Scrum, we develop quick and efficient.


Your and your customers' data is very important to us, which is why we code software safely and with modern resources to secure all userdata against misuse.


Since software purposes are countless, we have not only software developers in our team. Whether you need a game developed or a jingle for your app, with Divirad-Records and our numerous contacts to professional graphic designers we make it happen!


We care about the environment, that's why we only run our services on servers powered by renewable electricity. Our offices are paperless as far as possible.